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Internet Marketing Resources
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Step One - The awesome power of follow up

  • Autoresponder Service
    This is the service we use. It's affordably priced, offers lots of useful special features and comes with an extensive free tutorial section.

    Click here: "System" Recommended Autoresponder

Step Two - How to find hungry markets

Keyword Research Tools

FREE Resources:

For Keyword Counts:

For Pay Per Click Cost Estimates:

Subscription-based Services for Keyword Counts and Pay Per Click Estimates:


  • Google Tool Bar (makes it easy to move around Google and find places you've visited before)
  • Google Link Tool - type in to see how many page are linking to you
  • Search for discussion groups
  • To find some, not all, of the sites linked to any given site, do a Google search using the following formula:

Online Market Places

Ezine Directories

Affiliate Directories

Offline Resources

  • Print catalogs
  • Magazine section of your local large chain bookstore
  • Wal-Mart
  • Any frequently run direct response ad on TV or in magazines or the newspaper
  • Standard Rate and Data Service -

Step Three - How to read the minds of your prospects and customers



Step Four - How to get the first sale

Opt-in examples
* Opt-ins included in the context of long copy sales letter

Opt-in pop up on exit

Step Five - Your first web page

Domain Registration

  • Go Daddy: Low cost, easy-to-use domain name registration service.

Text Editing programs

Creating Websites and Webpages

  • WordPress: a fairly easy to use content management system that creates pages that tend to rank well in the search engines

All-In-One Shopping Cart, Autoresponder, Affiliate Program, Newsletter, etc.

  • System Sales Machine: All-in-one Internet business solution

    This powerful, yet affordable and easy-to-use system comes with secure online order taking, an online shopping cart, multiple 'smart' autosponders, mailing list management plus, as options, an affiliate management program and turn-key eBook delivery system that makes the mechanics on online info marketing a snap.

  • Need help with the System Sales machine? Contact Christina Hills, the Shopping Cart Queen

Host your websites

Creating Audio on Your Site

  • Audio Acrobat

    Case Studies

    Fulfillment Service:

    Corporate Disk
    Contact Info: Collen Callahan, Corporate Disk Company,
    1800 Bloomsbury Ocean, NJ 07712
    732-440-4288 Fax: 732-845-0568

    "Everything you really need to know about Internet marketing..."
    Ken McCarthy with two of his star students

    Download and listen to this audio program by clicking here:
    Part One - 1 hour

    Part Two- 1 hour


    This is a high-content, zero-hype conversation about issues effecting Internet beginners between me and two SYSTEM grads who successfully made the leap from 'newbie' to pro in a suprisingly short period of time.

    Ken McCarthy, Creator of The System Seminar