The difference one good idea can make

A System Smart Beginner reports his progress...

After investing countless time and money in other Internet marketing programs, Darrell C. took his first System Seminar in February of 2005.

Before the System, his website was averaging less than $100.00 a day in sales.

Nine months later, his sales were up to nearly $400.00 a day, close to a 300% improvement.

Then it got really good...

Darrell ordered the System Smart Beginners Home Study program and just one idea on page 17 boosted his average daily sales to over $1,000.00 per day.

During the Christmas season, he's actually recorded sales in excess of $3,000.00 per day.

Not for beginners only

System Smart Beginners is designed to give beginners the best possible introduction to Internet marketing. It also helps people who are already doing well fill in the missing pieces and make a whole lot more money.

Listen as Darrell describes how he turned a marginal website into a six figure business in less than one year with the help of System Smart Beginners.

The short version

Length: Two minutes

The whole story

Length: One Hour

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